6-7-8 May, Bangkok

Guest Speakers

Hear Visionary Insights Shaping Agriculture and Bioscience’s AI-Driven Future

Steve Keen

World-renowned economist, a highly influential thought leader, scholarly critic and author, including the seminal work “Debunking Economics”: Agriculture’s energy basis; Climate change’s economic impacts; Adapting to change

Ard van de Kreeke

Founder & CEO
a pioneering and successful vertical farm in the Netherlands: AI in automation and system optimisation; Profitability; Sustainable farming

Bryan Ebstyne

an automated large-scale medicinal cannabis farm in Australia: AI, automation and robotics; APAC cannabis market landscape; Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in CEA

Roel Janssen

Head of Product and Business Development
Planet Farms
a leading vertical farm in Italy focused on quality: Autonomous vertical farms; Precision propagation; AI for production and genetics development

Daniel Tzvetkoff

Founder & Chief Architect
Stacked Farm
a cutting-edge Australian vertical farm: Automation advancements; Future of agri-tech; ML and big-data analytics

Kitti Losuwannarak

Medical Cannabis Institute, The Ministry of Public Health (Thailand)
Thailand’s medicinal cannabis laws and regulations; Latest updates; Plans for future policies

Natasha Haveman

Project Scientist
NASA John F. Kennedy Space Centre
AI in Astro-horticulture; Gene expression; Plant micro-biomes; Disease detection

Matthew Gilliham

Plants for Space P4S
a pioneering and world-renowned research centre at the University of Adelaide, Australia: Space agriculture frontiers; AI in precision horticulture and crop science

Eri Hayashi

Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA)
a leading nonprofit organisation focused on advancing CEA: Automation’s impact; Future of agri-tech; AI advancements

Silke Hemming

Head of Research Team Greenhouse Technology
Wageningen University & Research
a global leader in agricultural research: Precision climate control; Data-driven analytics

Leo Marcelis

Horticulture and Product Physiology group
Wageningen University & Research
Plant physiology; Precision agriculture profitability; AI-powered climate resilience

Francesco Orsini

Professor, the Dept. of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL)
University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum
ML Applications in Vertical Farming Systems

Teerasit Kasetkasem

Associate Professor, AI in Agriculture
Kasetsart University
one of the top agricultural universities in South-East Asia: Sustainability and climate-smart tech; AI in agriculture

Dirk Beelen

MedTec Pharma
one of Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis cultivators and manufacturers of cannabinoid-based medicines:
APAC Cannabis Market Landscape: Capitalising on Early Opportunities

Christian Prokscha

Eden Towers
a fast-growing vertical farming company operating in Australia, Indonesia, and Africa: Urban farming potential; Scalability

Karthik Rajan

LivFresh Farms
an innovative urban farm in Singapore focused on nutrition: AI and IoT in Precision Cultivation; Urban horticulture; Nutritious produce

Jessica Fong

Founder & CEO
Common Farms
a revolutionary vertical farming start-up in Hong Kong: Urban horticulture opportunities; Data collection challenges; Novel crops, niche markets

Nadun Hennayaka

Founder & CEO
Gaia Project
an award-winning CEA start-up in Australia: System modelling and optimisation; Cutting-edge automation; Future of agri-tech

Miroslav Hronček

Founder & CEO
Veles Farming
a vertical farming start-up based in Slovakia specialising in saffron: Novel crops for CEA; AI and Computer vision for crop management; Sustainable agriculture

Ty Dickson

Co-Founder & Director
April Sun Farms
a sustainable Melbourne-based vertical farm; AI and ML for system control; hyper-efficient food security systems

Sanuja Cooray

Co-Founder & CTO
Honest Greens
a leading indoor vertical farm in Sri Lanka, pioneers advanced technologies in agriculture. Scaling up farming through decentralized container farms assisted by AI agents.

Graeme Smith

Globally respected horticulture science and technology authority, renowned for transformative contributions to the greenhouse and hydroponics sector: Disruptive agri-tech; Adapting to AI

Brenton Mauriello

a celebrated leader enhancing Australia-Thailand and ASEAN relations, a serial entrepreneur with a strong record in strategic and community growth: Introductory address; Boosting ASEAN Agtech with AI and Global Partnerships

Ben Niehaus

Founder & CEO
a start-up in Germany using cutting-edge imaging technology for plant growth insights: Computer vision; Plant selection and breeding; AI-driven efficiency

More speakers to be announced soon..