6-7-8 May, Bangkok

AI Revolution Comes to Agriculture at AGENTIAL AI – AgBio 2025

The future of farming is taking a giant leap forward at the upcoming AGENTIAL AI – AgBio 2025 conference and exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand from May 6-8, 2025. This ground-breaking international event at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) will showcase how AI (artificial intelligence) is transforming the agricultural world through advances in robotics, environment control, crop sciences, and more.

Attendees can expect powerful keynote presentations and panel discussions from executives of highly successful CEA farms leveraging AI, IoT (internet of things), and data analytics to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency, improve crop quality and yields, and ultimately increase profitability.

Agriculture, the foundation of civilisation and the bedrock of the global economy, is at a watershed moment. AI’s ability to rapidly process vast quantities of environmental and biological data may be one of the most impactful new technologies for long-term sustainability – and habitability. In light of the climate crisis, how can we leverage powerful AI tools to model, design, and optimize improved controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems and develop climate-resilient crops?

Top industry pioneers will explore cutting-edge topics like AI-driven precision agriculture, robotics for enhanced efficiency, advanced sensor technologies, and AI’s role in unlocking the potential of medicinal crops like cannabis. As businesses increasingly adopt these transformative technologies, the conference will also address the critical issue of responsible and ethical AI use in agri-biotech. 

As one of the first major international events focused on AI’s profound impacts across the entire agricultural value chain, AGENTIAL AI – AgBio 2025 is simply unmissable for commercial growers, agri-biotech firms, urban farmers, medicinal crop operators, tech innovators, investors, researchers, regulators, and others operating at the nexus of agriculture and technology.

Registration details and first round speaker line up will be announced soon on the AGENTIAL AI website at Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of AI-driven agriculture disrupting our food and medicinal crop systems.

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